Hey guys!  A few months back Fall on Me was reviewed by El Marginado, a “geek” online magazine from Spain. Just recently I got permission to translate the reviewing article to English (since the original is written in Spanish) in order to share it with you guys! 😀

So, without further ado, here it is! To see the original article, please click here. Thanks again, Israel! 😀

Fall on Me:  A Webcomic about Love, Videogames and Tea

By: Israel Huertas

Monday, September 27, 2010

Today I am going to talk about an American webcomic presented in both English and Spanish.  I’m talking about Fall on Me (or Cuenta Conmigo, in Spanish).  It is basically a series in comic strip form that chronicles the first years of marriage of a young couple, going deeply (and comically) into their daily routine and their mutual adaptation to their new life together.  The female character is an artist and author of a comic strip where she narrates stories about her recent marriage, which creates a sort of loop between the fictional protagonist and the creator of the strip; both sharing the same name.  Her husband is a videogame fan; a hobby that she doesn’t share but from which we get the geekiest jokes of the series.

The comic’s author is Adriana Blake; born and raised in Venezuela, though she moved to Texas with her family in 1996.  She studied Classical Animation in Canada (which is very apparent in her drawing style:  very cartoony, but more Disney-like than Warner-like), before going back to Texas and working in various art and animation projects.  She currently lives in Canada with her husband and two birds, who form the cast of the strip…besides, of course, tea.

And tea is the item that embellishes some of the sweetest and funniest moments of the series, because it marks a common link from which their coexistence flows.  The fact is that the series, with 160 published strips and a collected volume in book format, is the perfect mix of geeky jokes and daily life, showing in detail those small things that make a marriage magical.  It also serves as therapeutic reading by showing us some of the things we may think are bad or odd in our significant other that, when told with humour, they lose their severity.

The drawing style is simple but very functional, and it keeps improving with every strip; especially with the expressions of the protagonists which communicate more and more every time.  The only fault ( for the sake of mentioning one) is that similar to American TV sitcoms, the protagonists are always too happy; though it’s true that in the space of three panels per strip there isn’t a lot of time to create conflicts that can be easily resolved with a final gag.

In any case, it’s a product well worthy of one’s time, that would be a light and pleasing read to the general public (who will have to make a bit of effort since the Spanish translation is Venezuelan, which presents a few differences in vocabulary) and a wonderful portrait of those first years of marriage for those geeks who have had the fortune to find a man or woman who will take you just the way you are.

You can find this magnificent strip at www.littleteacup.net/fallonme, where it’s punctually updated every Wednesday, unless something major occurs.  Feel free to tell me later what you think of it.