Aww, how sweet!  Héctor Guzmán made me a gift drawing for Fall on Me’s second anniversary:

It’s already been added to the guest art gallery!

He also went ahead and wrote a comic review on his website!.  The content is in Spanish, so I’m posting the translation below:

Cuenta Conmigo is an autobiographical webcomic, (of) light (content), where the romance of newlywed life is intertwined with the humour of day-to-day life.  Written by Adriana Blake, born in Venezuela and currently residing in Canada.  Available in English by the title Fall on me.

A very recommended comic if you want to read something for “all audiences”, very refreshing to the eyes in this world of web illustrations.  It recently turned 2 years old with more than 190 published strips.  From this humble corner, my most sincere congratulations 😉

Warning: it’s inevitable to get hooked on this webcomic 😀


Thank you very much, Héctor!