This past weekend was a blast!! I gotta admit I was kinda nervous at first, but then slowly warmed up to the whole thing. 🙂

I didn’t walk around as much as I should have, but there was tons to see! Also, sales went a lot better than I expected and I met so many awesome people! Thank you SO much to everyone who came by to say hi, especially those who read Fall on Me and came out to find me (Karly, Ali, Guto, Erich)! It totally made my day and made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!! I hope I didn’t sound too silly or awkward when I talked! XD

Also tons of thanks to my friend and table buddy Katie; I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share this weekend with 🙂

I’ll be posting con pictures later today at the Fall on Me facebook page; be sure to check it out!

Thanks again, and hope to see you guys at TCAF! 😀