Gah, I’m writing this a whole week late! =P

Anyway, I’m very glad I was able to squeeze in this year (tables were full by the time I applied, but someone dropped out, which made room for me, yay!). It was a small, cozy venue, but it had lots to see and tons of super-friendly people! Oh, and despite the horribly cold, rainy weather, we still had enough people coming by to check out our work and buy stuff! I was very happy about that.

Got to sit next to Brian Evinou and Julie Faulkner, and I couldn’t have asked for better table buddies; I had so much fun! If you haven’t checked out Brian and Julie’s comics, please please do, because they’re very awesome!

Oh, and a special shout-out to The Dragon, who sponsored the event. They did a nice job organizing everything and took great care of us: sandwiches and goodies to munch on through the expo day, a lovely after party, and being overall great supporters of independent comic makers! Oh yeah, did I mention how nice their store is? If you’re ever in Guelph, you gotta check it out; they have lots of independent titles available (along your regular mainstream stuff)!

TCAF is next!!  So exciteeeed!