“Fall on Me” is an autobiographical comic based on moments and anecdotes from newlywed life.

From the beginning I’ve been publishing new strips every Tuesday and Friday, unless otherwise noted.


Fall on Me‘s cast of characters is comprised by Adriana (yours truly), my husband Alex, and our two birds Kataback and Truffle. Other characters do show up in the strips from time to time, but their appearances are sporadic.  All facts about us depicted in the comic are true in life.


Here’s a bit more info about each character:

Adriana: it’s me!  Born and raised in Venezuela til age 16, then moved up to the US with my parents, brother and sister.  In 2002 I moved up to Canada to attend college, and during that time I met my now-husband!  I’m an artist in the animation industry and draw comics (including this one) on the side.  I love to draw, read and drink tea.

Alex: my husband!  He was born and raised in Canada.  Though not an artist himself (he’s a tool and die maker), he’s an art enthusiast and has a number of artist friends (and artist wife!).  He has a great love for cars and motorcycles, he’s great with parrots (which is why we have them in the first place), and shares my love for tea.

Truffle: He’s our white-bellied caique (a type of parrot).  He was born in March of 2008, so in many ways he’s still very young (a caique’s estimated life span is 30-40 years).  He’s a smart, mischievous pet with a weakness for peanut butter.

Kataback: Our peach-faced lovebird, and the oldest of the two parrots (he was born around 2002…?).  He’s the quietest and most gentle of the two, and an absolute cutie.