If you’d like your own Fall on Me guest/fan art posted on this gallery, just drop me a line and I’ll be glad to add it in!

Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed! 🙂


by GearDrafter (his art can also be viewed here)

by Josh Mirman

by Ciro Durán

by Scott Sava

by Chris Watkins

by Karine Charlebois CAUTION: not appropriate for minors!

by Katie Shanahan

by Sarina Logan

by Jeremy Creecy

by Racecar

by Stephani Soejono

by David Reddick

by Merritt Langley and Alex Ayotte

by Gear Drafter

by Alejandro Altamirano

by Alejandro Altamirano

by Beto Chiñas

by Adrean Clark

by Nestor Huerta & Sergio Vargas (see their work here)

by our good friend and best man, Mark Volpato 🙂

by our good friend and best man, Mark Volpato 🙂

by Selena DiZazzo :3

by Francisco R. Resendiz

by Héctor Guzmán

by Beto Chiñas

by Chris Howard

by Katie Cook

by Nikki Owens

by Alejandro Altamirano

4th_comicversary_guestart_stephani_soejonoby Stephani Soejono

Sass_by_Julie_Faulkner_smallby Julie Faulkner

Fanart_by_Alfonso_Espinos_smallby Alfonso Espinos

Nicole_P_fan_comicby Nicole Planeta