Fall on Me

“Fall on Me” is an autobiographical comic based on moments and anecdotes from newlywed life.  Updated every Tuesday and Friday, unless otherwise noted.  Click on the image below to visit the comic page!


Cuenta Conmigo

“Cuenta Conmigo” es una tira cómica autobiográfica basada en momentos y anéctodas de la vida de recién casados.  Publicado cada martes y viernes, a menos que por cualquier razón me retrase.  ¡Hagan click a la imagen de abajo para visitar la página web del cómic!


I’ve also worked in other published comics, such as:

“Under the Mango Tree” (2015) – A short 7-page comic story for the Where is Home? Volume 2 comic and illustration anthology.  You can buy the book here

“The Princess’ New Clothes” (2013) – Designed characters, penciled and inked 7 pages for a Princeless short story, (Action Lab Entertainment), published in the summer of 2013. Story written by Jeremy Whitley; colours by Ricardo “DJ Gomita” Paredes.


“Everwell” (2012) – Penciled, inked and coloured 3 pages’ worth of a 6-page comic for the “Womanthology: Heroic” anthology (IDW Publishing) , along with artist Fiona Staples. Story written by Jody Houser; edited by Mariah Huehner.